• Kharef Samahram Festival will remain in memory as a
      unique and inspirational experience. youngs and adults
      recreation area occupy a large area with a different
      games which will suit different ages and give visitors a
      times of fun and joy.The entertainment area is an ideal
      place for the families, attracting many pepole who want
      a new and exciting experience.
      Furthermore, exhibited skillful games is a unique with
      its diversity and variety, and are suitable for professionals
      and amateurs who wish to appreciate their mental
      and fiscal abilities in an atmosphere of excitation and
      fun. The recreation area in Kharef Samahram Festival
      meets all demands and exemptions aspirations in
      self-challenge. Everyone can choose more than one


    • Electric Games
    • Fun And Joy Of Electric Toys Makes It Attractive For
      Family Members. It Attracts Most Visitors Whether
      Children Or Youth, And Also Most Of The Age Groups
      Of The Family. Where A Large Area Has Been Devoted
      For More Than 20 Electric Toys Including The World
      Famous Wheel Of Entertainment For All Our Visitors.


    • Rubber Games
      An immersive experience in a vibrant world
      Kids Will Get An Exciting Experience At City Kids An
      Kharef Samahram Festival Where A Range Of Rubber
      Cliffs Games For The Ages Of 3 To 10 Years Old ,
      Divided Into Two Parts To Seperate The Children From
      Those Who Are Bigger To Make It More Safely .
    • Skillfulness ,Confrontation
      &Competitions Games
    • Games area at Kharef Samahram Festival gives you
      the opportunity to enjoy the most challenging and
      exciting skills games in the world. More than 40
      skillfulness games which give you the chance to
      win a variety of exciting and fun games.
    • Electronic games
    • A unique and exciting collection of video games
      and electronic games with an exhilarating
      experience of competitions and prizes.






    Kharef Samahram Festival

    Salalah city considered as a main touristic destination for natural sights lovers due to its fascinating environment with a pleasure and excitement atmosphere. That's why we got inspired for enriching the city by adding more events and recreational activities alongside exploit best places to initiate Kharef Samahram Festival for its first season at Samhram touristic famous village.